Aged Pecorino di Rocca

Pecorino di Rocca is one of the best results of the Tuscan dairy tradition. It is made following secret and ancient artisan techniques, using fresh Italian pasteurised sheep's milk. The milky white semi hard texture is matured at our cheese factory, at that point it has a particular sweet flavour, it delicately melts in ones mouth and leaves a pleasant taste to the palate. The shapes are produced and matured in several sizes: 0.5 kg., 1.2 kg., 2.4 kg., 4 kg., and about 12 kg. The different size makes the texture slightly different; however, the characteristic flavour remains like a mark.



Shapes of about 0.5 kg - 1.2 kg- 2.4 kg – 4 kg - 12 kg pieces.


2/3/7 pieces box, according to the size of the cheese.


Store the shape in a cool and dry place. Once cut, store it in the refrigerator or in a cool and dry place wrapped with maize paper or with a linen cloth.


All year round


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Aged Pecorino di Rocca Aged Pecorino di Rocca